Von Dutch KenFord


1947 Kenworth Body / 1956 Ford Chassis

Current Owner: Doug Nason / Los Angeles CA


Moldy guiding the KenFord onto the tow truck 

Well Gang your gonna have ta be patient cuz some of these here pictures may load a little slow. And we want ya all to get a good look at this masterpiece designed and build by Kenneth Howard A.K.A. Von Dutch.  

Doug Nason, Curator of Copro/Nason Fine Art Gallery is the current owner of the KenFord and was kind enough to allow Moldy Marvin display her at the Rat Fink.Party and Kustom Kulture Extravaganza 2000 so we were able to get a lot of really great pictures.


This is the way the Von Dutch KenFord is getting around these days. But with a little work and loving care she could run just as good as the day Dutch first fired her up. 



Bob Burns with the "KenFord"

This is Bob Burns, a long-time friend of Von Dutch who own the truck shortly before Von Dutch's death. Bob Burns shared a 38 year friendship with Von Dutch that began in 1954 and ended with Dutch's death in September 1992. Today Bob lives with his wife Dawn in Prescott, Arizona where they own and operate Bob Burns Signs & Pinstriping. 

Bob Burns bought the truck from Von Dutch's daughter in 1992 and put it back into commission, taking it to car shows and driving it around.    Bob says " It drove like it looks.  It used gas like crazy.  And I loved it."  After Owning it for several years Bob sold the truck to Doug Nason the current owner and co-owner of the Copro/Nason Fine art gallery in Los Angeles where it has been on display.



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