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Von Dutch's Display Card 


Von Dutch's daily driver was a somewhat customized '56 Ford truck. Von Dutch had wrecked the truck a few times, By 1972, the body was sort'a thrashed so Dutch decided to do somethin' with it.

Everyone knows Von Dutch for his Pinstripin' and his sign painting but he was also a outstanding mechanic and machinist, turning out custom motorcycles and designing some absolutely beautiful guns.    

So Dutch found this here cab from a '47
Kenworth semi-truck and somehow he woz able ta fit the thing on his 56' Ford truck frame. Well once he did that he deemed the girl the "KenFord". 


Over time Dutch would add stuff to it. As a matter of fact most of the old girl is made from junk. 

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Dutch would also hand-machine parts and pieces out of scrap metal. 

Dutch really liked his metal work.... in Dutch's words.

" I'm a mechanic first. "If I had my way I'd
be a gunsmith! I like to make things out of metal, because metal is forever. When you paint something, how long does it last? A few years, and then it's gone!"

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All of the controls are manual. Look at the meticulous engine turned metal work. These control the Choke, Spark Advance, The Gas Mix and The Throttle.

You can see that she is still in really great shape. 

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Kustom Louver job on the hood

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Even the engine compartments been "Dutched"


In the late 50's Von Dutch's designs were so popular, that people would bring their cars from all over the country just to be "Dutched." 


Dutch went as far as to louver the lower sheet metal plate that surrounds the engine  there is even pinstripin' hidden by the wiring harness and yes ya also got a work light mounted next to the firewall.

Dutch's instructions state that 

"The wiring "Evolved" over a time but is very basic about like a Model A Ford".



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