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The Mail Box

Last Up Date 10/10/00


1967/68 4 Cyl. Crosely Trike No Longer for Sale
Current Owner: Bill Hill / Temperance, MI e-mail For this Vehicle


Designed And Built by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth Dan Woods, Jim "Jake" Jacobs, and Doug Kinney  CIRCA: 1965

Originally called the Krooze Wagon, The trike name ended up as the Mail Box and used as the logo for the letters section of Ed Roth's Choppers Magazine.   


 " Jim Jacobs was an ad man and artist.
There was a third person Dan Woods who also helped build the Mail Box ! 

These were guys that worked for me and the
mailbox section of Choppers magazine needed a logo for the beginning of the column which Newton did for me . This logo was
fashioned after a hot rod panel truck except it had one wheel in front. .  

Jake and Woods were involved with the construction but not any input of design except Newton's thumbnail sketch for choppers magazine...


The fourth member of this team was Doug Kinney. He really deserves a lot of credit . He is the solitary person who sanded his little fingers (til they bled) on the fiberglas body that I laid up of fiberglas matte and cloth. 

The rear end was made
from car parts and the Crosley engine came from a quarter midget. Jake was instrumental in building the frame and front end. I
finished the paint and signage with rainbow metalflake paint Built circa 1965 "... Ed Roth 10/10/00  


The Mail Box is in excellent original  condition to include the paint. Some slight cracking of the gel coat it self but nothing to worry about. 


The Crosely 4 cylinder.




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