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1930 Ford Farm Coupe



1930 2 door Farm Coupe Asking Price: Sold
Owner: Moldy Marvin / North Hollywood, CA   




Wot the heck is that ? 


This here beauty is a 1930 Coupe that woz converted into a farm truck in the 1940's.

Yep that's right this girl used ta live in the state of Colorado and in the 1940's during the war effort the state of Colorado used ta offer Farm or energy credits to ya if'in ya had a utility vehicle. 


     So wot folks would do woz ta take the


deck lid out and pound in a truck bed. this one woz pretty crude so were figurin' that this woz a very early conversion. Ya see after awhile Sears and Montgomery Ward offered kits that just slid in without havin' ta mutilate the thing.

04bed.gif (62706 bytes)

Click on the image to get a closer L@@K !

This is how the truck bead woz installed from the inside view.. Actually it's pretty solid. 


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