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1962 Galaxie "Starlifter" Holman Moody Tribute Car.


Asking Price:  $18,000.00  O.B.O. 
Owner: Location: Texas Call 800-880-6567 Ask For Moldy


This is a 1962 Galaxie "Starlifter" Holman Moody tribute car.

Car was built/restored by Tom Kitchen of Florida and is the only "tribute" car of this model out there.


Here is her story:

After building numerous NASCAR Golden Era clones, Florida's Tom Kitchen sat down and pondered what could top his last build, a 1957
Ford Grand National Fireball Roberts NASCAR Replica? The car got plenty of press around the world for it's attention to detail. Tom
finally decided to build the infamous 1962 Ford Holmon Moody team Galaxie "Starlifter".


Holmon Moody and Ford decided to take a 62 Galaxie convertible and slap a 61 Starliner roof atop it. They figured it was less wind
resistance than the boxy Galaxies Ford was producing at the time. Ford came out with a few advertisements saying the car would come with a fiberlgass top wnich would lock down much like the old Thunderbirds. After a once over, NASCAR allowed the car in the 1962 Atlanta Race. It won, and NASCAR smelled foul and outlawed it. The car would goon to set records at the Salt Flats.

Back to modern day, Tom took a 1962 Galaxie 500 convertible, installed a rollbar, aluminum interior, racing seat belts and Stewart Warner Guages.

As for the top, there are few if any survivors of the fiberglass tops used on the real "starlifters" (some say starlifts), So, Tom found a 61 Starliner, cut the top off and installed it.

Under the hood, Tom had the factory 390 bored out to the specifications of a 406. He installed a 427 cam and tweaked the cars 4 speed transmission.

On the outside, Tom had the proper lettering painted on including "The Golden Boy" Fred Lorenzen's name on each door. He covered the front lights, put exhaust ports on the side and created "wheel rubs" on the side.

His result? A car that fools nearly 99 percent of the Ford folks who think it is a "real NASCAR". Although that was not his intent, it shows his attention to detail.

Tom took the car to Historic Darlington 2010 and while it did not compete in class racing, Tom did open it up on track making numerous laps at well over 100mph.

Texan Derik Lattig bought the car and took the fuel cell out and had a gas tank installed so it could be driven to rallies and to car shows.
Lattig also had glasspacks installed as Tom sold the car "NASCAR ready" and it was loud. (The glasspacks can easily be unhooked for that
true NASCAR sound) Lattig also had a prop maker for the movie "Star Wars" recreate the pushbutton, toggle switch starter control panel
found in the real "Starlifter".

The car made it's Texas Debut at the Lone Star Round-Up show in Austin Texas this month and was a crowd favorite. Many pictures were
taken of the car, and some told Lattig they had seen "that car raced" back in the day.

So, if you are looking for a fun road rally car, or something to wow the masses or honor those great drivers from the past, this car is for
you. Price is set at $18,000 and comes with a clear Texas Title. The car has a lot of power and is fun to drive. Now you can own a Golden
Age NASCAR at half the price.


 Once again, this vehicle is located In Texas and has a clean title.


We can provide you with more photos please be specific when requesting them, if you would like to take a closer look, Please feel free to email us at with your return email address and or phone number and we will email you a response.


Or you can call 800.880.6567 or (661) 944-2299



A $1000 non refundable good faith deposit is required in cash or wire transfer. Balance due upon pick up of vehicle. If the vehicle is to be shipped, the full amount will be due before shipping. Buyer to pay all wire transfer fees.


We will assist in coordination of shipping but buyer must pay all shipping costs.




Thank you,


Moldy Marvin





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